T-shirt Design By Blkkangaroo this month is uniq for trendy

BLKKANGAROO  is the perfect blend between African aesthetics, pop culture and streetwear. The brand sells clothing, accessories and shoes. What makes BLKKANGAROO stand out from others, is their fearlessness and rejection of wax print fabrics which are found in many “African inspired” collections. The Spring/Summer collection emphasizes the African and American wardrobe staple, the t-shirt. BLKKANGAROO keeps the traditional African silhouette with elongated sleeves and an overall boxy shape. Like the popular American tee, it has a crew neck and is available in solid base fabrics with graphic prints. My favorite tees from the collection are the Exaggerated Coral Bead print shirts; a loud and powerful statement top. View a few looks from the Spring/Summer collection below.

Tshirt Printing
tshirt Printing
Tshirt Printing

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