Mifare Cards

Blank white Mifare Cards

MULTI CARD is capable of manufacturing blank white mifare cards  at our factory.
The blank white PVC mifare cards can have the following options.
·         with or without serial number printed.
·         with or without pre-printed design on the card similar to Touch n’ Go Cards.
·         with extras like barcode, Magnetic Stripe, Hot-Stamping, Signature Panels, etc…
·         With personalized Photo and details (Photo-ID Cards) – Non Fading Type

Pre-Printed Mifare

MULTI CARD is capabel of printing pre-printed Mifare Cards at our factory. We are capable of printing :-
Pre-Printed Mifare Cards which include customer’s  design (similar to Touch n’ Go Cards or similar to Membership Card quality).
Pre-Printed Photo-ID Cards (similar to MyKad – in fact much better than MyKad quality!)
·         Printing will not fade at all!
·         We DO NOT use Card Printer or Re-Transfer Card Printer where the printing will fade very fast!
·         We also DO NOT use PVC stickers where it can peel off!
·         We can include options like barcode, signature panel, magnetic stripes, hot-stamping, etc…
·         We can print pre-printed Mifare Cards for up to 4,000 pcs in 24 hours!
·         We can also print for any quantity, even 1 piece!
We are capable of printing the following Non-Fading Photo-Id Cards :-
·         PVC materials similar to Credit Card, ATM Cards, Jusco Cards, etc…
·         Non-Fading Photo-ID Cards
·         Non-Fading Mifare Cards (Generic Design)
·         Non-Fading Mifare Photo-ID Cards (Individual Photo and Name….)
·         Non-Fading Proximity Cards (Generic Design)
·         Mon-Fading proximity Photo-ID Cards (Individual Photo and Name….)
·         and we can print for any quantity, even 1 piece and up to thousands…..
·         and we can deliver up to 4K pcs in 24 hours!
·         Best quality! Gurantee! See our samples to believe it!
Our price for printing NON-FADING
Photo-ID Cards starts from
RM2.00/each onwards….
Proof to us if you can get a better price and we will match the price but the quality must be PVC and not using paper laminator type of lamination! See our quality at our factory!
 We can csutom print up to 9″ x 11″ with individual photo, barcode and sequence number!

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